Naramata Bench

Our clients on this project are bakers and had specific requirements for their kitchen renovation.  Their new kitchen had to hold up to mass amounts of production of baked goods and preserves to be sold at the Penticton farmer’s market.

The selection of quartz countertops was a must to control temperature when rolling out dough.  The original kitchen had very little countertop space so we redesigned the entire kitchen foot print to function properly.  Doors were moved to have better access to their abundant gardens and windows were added to take in the stunning Okanagan Lake views.

One challenge we faced was the height of the ceilings.  We combated this by adding a taller than standard crown to the millwork to place proper scale and proportion to the space.

Another challenge was the length of the space; very long and narrow.  The original kitchen was partially unused and a waste of space. Adding a cook top and wall ovens was the fix which now had a purpose in the previously unused area.

A pantry was added by taking over a hall closet that didn’t seem to fit in its location.  This worked out perfectly to convert into a kitchen walk in pantry.

Our clients were impressed with how we were able to give them everything on their wish list and some extras.

Old Main Road, Naramata