I started looking into urban chicken coops some time ago last year because my husband Jeff thought he might like to have a few chickens in our backyard.  He also thought a few chickens would be fun for our daughter to have as pets.  Okay, I have nothing against chickens other than I don’t really like to eat them and I’m not crazy about eating eggs unless they are in a layered cake or a batch of cookies.  I suppose if my daughter liked eggs I would consider having our own hens because I would feel comfortable feeding her “clean” eggs however; she doesn’t care for them at this point. I don’t really understand having chickens as pets either; I didn’t grow up that way, but my husband did.

Are you thinking about building your own urban chicken coop?  I did some research regarding what it would take to care for ones own backyard chickens; it’s not as simple as one would think. First step check with your city if you can legally have chickens on your property, next research what type of chickens you would like; is it for their egg laying capabilities, or how pretty you want them to be.

designing an urban chicken coops


Also, there are varying sizes of hens from your average hen to bantam size which would be comparable to a toy dog breed.  I mention size because you need to know how many bantam hens and regular sized hens you want, so that you can build your coop and run properly to give the chickens the appropriate living conditions for comfort and health.  If you find yourself wanting chickens of your own I would recommend you do some research.

creative urban chicken coops designs


Your urban chicken coop can be any design you like from scrap wood to the best building materials available.  If you are planning to build your very own coop ask me to come by to give you a hand; perhaps a paint colour or space planning consultations.  Think about it, you could be the envy of your neighbours; if it looks good then maybe the off putting smells drifting along your fence line won’t be noticed by the people who share the other side of your fence.

luxury chicken coop design

Neiman Marcus’ $100,000 chicken coop

Kidding aside, I’m sure one would get much pleasure knowing the eggs they are eating are clean and wholesome and don’t forget the companionship you would receive from your little brood.

Update; it’s the beginning of 2013 and we no longer are looking at getting chickens because we recently got a dog for our daughter, and Dingo is his name O.