The days of gray are over for me.  I don’t know about you, but I am moving away from the gray trend in interiors.  Sure, we’ve seen some really stunning interiors with a gray colour scheme, but I really want to see colour now.  It maybe because the snow has stuck since late November here, or we’re feeling some movement out of a recession; whatever it is bring me colour!

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out when the blah gray days began only because when I first moved to Vancouver I really felt a lack of colour around me.

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Jennifer Cedarstam

Now I don’t mean in nature, of course Vancouver is filled with beauty and I find the colours found in nature very inspiring.  It was Vancouver fashion which in March 2007 when I relocated was very uninspiring and I recall mentioning this to my sister who relocated to Vancouver a few years prior to me and my girlfriends back in Toronto.  For those who know me they know I love colour, just the right amounts of it, but I started to feel really out of place wearing my banana yellow mod inspired spring jacket.  I’m nearly 6 feet tall, so amongst a sea of gray people I felt like Big Bird had landed in their town.  I really did feel a separation; that I didn’t belong.  My white go-go boots did not belong here either; I’ve since donated them.   Another thing, I had white blond hair, had it for several years it was kind of my trademark, but I let that go as well because you rarely saw a blond in Vancouver (at that time, it’s different now).  I’m not sure if it’s because it was too bright or the water turned most of the “enhanced” blond’s hair pee yellow; not an attractive look by all means.

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55 Downing Street

So, back to lack of colour in interiors; I cannot pinpoint when gray came into trend in Vancouver.  I do recall the mid to end of 2008 when I was managing Fluff Design and Décor in East Van that many of the Home Stagers that came in to rent furniture for their staging projects were crazy for gray and choco brown.  Chocolate brown was their main staple which they infused with pale blue accents to add interest (yawn) and the more creative Stagers brought in a bit of fresh green to make the chocolate brown pop.  Gray was usually mixed with stark white for those really modern interiors and any colour would go with that combo; black was very popular, but then again black isn’t a colour it’s a shade.  I’ll get into tint, tone and shade and hues at a later date.

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Farmhouse Urban

If you come to my home you will see walls in Benjamin MooreSkipping Stone CSP 155” which would look like a beige to the general public however, you will see colour throughout my home from coral to royal blue and some others in between, but it’s because I used a neutral colour on my walls that it works.  I’m not telling you to go nuts with colour just consider using it somewhere in your home.  Don’t be afraid to have a colour (hue) with lots of pigment; let your personality shine and if you can’t commit to colour coming in the form of paint then buy some fantastic toss pillows, whether solid or patterned, to satisfy your need to infuse it into your life.

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Inspire Bohemia


Gray still has its place and will stick around for a while longer, but my job is to inspire people and help you take a leap to the bright side.

If you need someone to hold your hand getting through that gray tunnel then I’m your girl; give me a call and I’ll come right over with my kit of beautiful colours.  The days of gray are over!

What colours are you inspired by?