Vancouver Place

This renovation is what we call a “gut to start” which is where we gut the entire house and start over again.  This particular house is in a beautiful setting overlooking Okanagan Lake however, the original design did not appreciate what was beyond its walls.  We feel that good design takes advantage of its location whenever possible and this was one of those projects.

We felt it was important to recognize the age of the home and not try to make it into something that didn’t fit the exterior character.  The clients were protective of the original stone on the fireplace surround so we made sure to create a design that would incorporate the colours of the organic elements.

With this renovation we took down walls to open up to beautiful views from the kitchen to the living room so from any point in the home you would see the beauty beyond the walls.

We put up walls to give privacy to a powder room that was off the dining room, another example of poor planning in the original build.  This home went through a major interior renovation and surfaced as a family home that matched the cottage feel of the exterior.

Vancouver Place, Penticton
5 Months