Myhusband Jeff and I, or should I say my husband is planning to build a greenhouse in our backyard this spring. I do get to have some say about the design of this building, but it’s  his project even though I’m the interior designer in the family; he should have been an architect rather than a Mortgage broker.

home and garden photos-photoshelter

home and garden photos-photoshelter

Last year he built our daughter a play house, not your average play house.  This play house will grow with her.  It’s not kid height, nor is it made of plastic; it has Dutch doors, a slanted roof and hardwood floors.  I know this sounds elaborate, but most of the materials are from left over projects such as the oak hardwood floors donated by grandma and grandpa and the windows were listed on Kijiji, so we drove to Summerland to pick them up.  We will use up the rest of windows for the greenhouse and then they will finally be gone from where they have resided all winter, in my mudroom.  The architecture of the greenhouse will match that of the play house.  I forgot to mention, there will also be a dog house attached for Dingo our Shibu Inu x Australian Cattle dog.My daughter’s play house has high ceilings, so once she has outgrown the play house stage we’ll turn it into a summer house for either an office, or place to have a summer snooze.

We have big plans for our backyard; build a greenhouse, plant bamboo, enjoy our banana leaf palms (which we are hoping survived the winter), as well as a movie projector to show films for the neighbours and anyone else who would like to lay under the stars on a warm summer night relaxing to a movie and listening to the crickets that surround us.

I wonder if my husband is planning to build a greenhouse as a ruse to keep me in check since we can only work within a 100sqft area because of city bylaws.  Last year I was adamant about growing my own tomatoes.  Jeff cautioned me about having too many plants, but I didn’t listen.  By the end of the summer I was overwhelmed by the amount of varying tomatoes I had to pick every day and try to figure out what to do with them.  Yes, I had a plan from the beginning; romas for sauce, cherry tomatoes (two kinds) for munching on as one wanders the yard and some beautiful yellow tomatoes that were bigger than I had anticipated; my favorite by far.  I couldn’t even give them away after a while because all my friends and neighbours grew their own and we all had a successful harvest.

ripe red tomatoes on the vine

This year I will be very, very selective with my tomato planting; yellow tomatoes most definitely and of course the cherry tomatoes.  I will buy roma tomatoes from the farmers market in September and make my sauce in one big batch rather than weeks of random sauce making; I was overwhelmed and nearly crying at the half way point.  I know my husband has a green thumb, but to this degree I was blindsided; if it were all up to me more than half of those tomatoes would never have made it due to neglect.  I do love having a garden and plants, but this is an area I do not excel at and I’m okay with admitting this.  However; I do make a mean tomato sauce.

If you had a greenhouse what would it look like and what would you like to grow?