I love the colour green and I find it fitting that this year’s focus is Emerald- Pantone Color of the year.  I associate green as a happy and comforting colour; it signifies new beginnings and gives me a boost of energy.  So far, this year has started off really well for me and I can feel it’s going to get much more exciting.

emerald green fashion trend

Emerald- Pantone Color of the Year


I have to be honest I’m not the biggest fan of using green with paint applications, however I do like it as an accent whether it is a patterned fabric, glassware, pottery, drapery; you get the idea.  If you were to choose green as a paint colour I would have to urge you to have a good look at the undertone of the green in which you would like to use.  Green can have a cool undertone such as forest green, or it can have a warm undertone such as celery green, spring green.  Make sure that other elements used in the space that your selection of green is going to be in will be complimentary; one reason people fail at selecting the right paint colour is that they don’t consider this.  Maybe you’re into “feature walls” in your home this is where you should pay close attention, if you’re using a warm beige colour on the majority of your walls and you would like green as your “feature wall” then I would recommend you pick a green with a warm undertone (having more of a yellow base).  Picking a cool colour to go with a warm colour won’t work out as well as you had envisioned and most likely you don’t have the slightest idea why, but I bet you know exactly if you love it, or can’t stand it.  If this information intimidates you then you can always ask the assistance from a staff member at your local paint shop, or call me to do a colour consultation and I’ll take all your stress away.

Emerald- Pantone Color of the year


If you want to have fun with colour then try selecting a colour that compliments green.  I have always found coral and jade to be a delicious combination; happy happy pairings.  If this scares you and you want to be much safer with your colours in your home then why not wear it?  It’s funny how the fashion industry always dictates what the next new “It” colour will be.  Last year it was Tangerine; another happy colour.  I’m starting to think that these fresh colours are trying to put us into an inspiring mood; moving forward from these last several years of financial worries which had the public selecting a whole lot of grey paint for their homes.  Yay, Emerald- Pantone Color of the Year.

gray and emerald green interiors

Interior Styles and Designs

Personally I’m tired of grey however, if you’ve just painted grey through out your home no need to worry because this would be the perfect time to infuse some colour into your life; just keep your undertones in check.

I’m curious; are you an Emerald lover?  Would you use green in your home, or would you be more inclined to wear it?