Decorating on a Budget

There are so many options these days for Christmas themes and decorations that one can go overboard  and when decorating on a budget its time to make your own decorations. I’m not someone who buys decorations for my home every Christmas however, if I feel like changing things up I tend to make something and I try to stick to a budget. Crafting doesn’t really interest me, but I can be crafty and creative at times and I can get excited and buy whatever I think may go with my theme and realize I don’t have as much free time to create as I would like. When friends ask “where did you get that” I really get a kick telling them “I made it”. I also like that I didn’t spend a lot to get a great result.  If you’re not on a budget the sky is the limit and maybe you enjoy making your own decorations just because and not because you have to. Decorating on a budget is challenging and I’m one of those people who like a challenge.

Christmas Stars

This year I’m going to attempt to make outdoor lanterns to place along my front steps and some out in the backyard; not only is this decorating on a budget its repurposing something.  When I was a kid my Mum had my brother, sister and myself go outside, I think she really wanted us out of her hair, to make snowball lanterns to light up the walkway to our home.  We’re Scandinavian and simple decorating is in our blood.  The snowball lanterns are simple to make, but the only trick to this project is you need snow!  I live in the South Okanagan and there is a tendency for huge snowfalls, but from year to year you never know if it will be a snow free Christmas or a snowstorm Christmas.  If this year is snow free I will take clean coffee cans and perhaps some empty, cleaned out soup cans with labels removed and make lanterns out of those.  I’ll punch a pattern with a screwdriver into the can and when I’m satisfied with my design I will place a candle inside; the glow of the candle shines through the holes, so pretty.

Snowball Lantern

Snowball Lantern

Yesterday I went out to my backyard and gathered some of the branches from our Smoke Bush that my husband left on the ground from pruning the tree.  What’s nice about these branches is that they are red and go well with my Christmas decorations and my rules for decorating on a budget.  I was tired of the crunchy garland that I’ve had for the past several years and now its starting to drop it’s fake pine needles, so I decided the branches would be a nice addition for my fireplace mantle; simple, clean and oh so me.  I also made snowflakes with my 3-year-old daughter which we strung together and hung from our living room window; as they twirl the glitter glue we used twinkle and adds some magic; this is as crafty as I get.

decorating fireplace mantle

Red sticks added to mantle for an inexpensive alternative to traditional garland

Do you make homemade decorations for the holidays?  Do you practice decorating on a budget?  I’d love for you to share them with me, perhaps next year I may borrow some of your ideas.


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