With Spring just mere moments away I am craving for a hit of colour happiness.

Lately my color inspiration is coral pink and turquoise.  I know these two colour combos have been around for quite awhile, but I still find it catches my attention.  There’s something calming about coral and turquoise together; it seems organic to me.

coral pink and turquoise


Just imagine an early evening sky after a warm summer day,  picture the coral that streaks through the sky leaving you with the notion that tomorrow will be a good day.  That my friends is a hit of colour happiness.

Here is an image from an earlier post.  As you can see I really am drawn to this combination since it keeps coming up for me.  Along with these colours working together one often sees reclaimed furniture with these colours.  I do appreciate the Shabby Chic look for certain spaces however; the only place you’ll see this look in my home is in my daughter’s bedroom; as a toddler she managed to bite the white paint off her daybed frame exposing the original wood from days gone by making it look very shabby and not so chic.

interior designer penticton

Jennifer Cedarstam